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Any information needs a medium to appear before the observers. At web designing whatever learnt is the display of information in appropriate form through systematized methods. Accurate display of information and implementation of user friendly substitutes of utter complex methods are attributes a successful web designer, which one must know.

            I persistently believed that my career was in web designing and all I needed a suitable institute that could help me giving my dreams a perfect shape. Lighthouse I found had every amenities that made it possible. I am now successfully making web sites in leading design studio of the state…….

Rajeev Shrivastawa
3D Animation & Visual Effects Graduate
XYZ Game Company, Bangalore

what you will learn


What a website comprises of, how it can be an important tool of info-serving to the various sectors are some important aspects a student is introduced to. Students are given a taste of languages like HTML Dynamic HTML, CSS and Java Script, JavaScript Libraries like Jquery, Jquery Plugins etc. so that they design incredible and innovative web pages. There are explained sessions starting right from designing a prototype of the page through use of graphics software to fully coded source to display a web site on a browser. Additional elements are included to make a web page look livelier by introduction of Flash as 2D animation software. After thorough practice students at Lighthouse Institute become confident enough to make up successful careers in web designing and allied sectors.


Program Requirements:


Successful completion of the Foundation Visual Art & Design program.


A visual art portfolio of your work that includes life (preferred), still, or character drawings and 3D computer work (maximum12 pieces total).