Essentially information is the only way to gain access to any knowledge base, but how to display information before the seekers is in other way, an art. Often termed as website designing and development this art is about displaying the information with aesthetics. Web designing with visual effects is like diamond in rarest metal enclosure, most needed and most sought after.

            ACE was worth doing because I was more enthralled when I saw multiple career options in one. I would like to offer my extended thanks to Lighthouse and faculties who have given me such a simple explanations for my complex answers. Without such a lively guidance I am sure my position as web designer would not have been achieved.

Rajeev Shrivastawa
3D Animation & Visual Effects Graduate
XYZ Game Company, Bangalore

what you will learn


Today development of internet has brought about many new career avenues in display of suitable information. Web is one such scope in this regard. This is a comprehensive diploma in web design and development, graphics designing and broadcasting. Starting with the flavours of initial knowledge of computers, it steers through the fundamentals of graphics designs to the elements of web designs and development in advance levels. In ACE last element covered is the about understanding of broadcasting media with understanding of basic softwares needed for such applications. Through ACE students have ample scope to enhance their abilities in being a full fledge web designer and development professional with quite impressive understanding about print, web and broadcast media.


Program Requirements:


Successful completion of the Foundation Visual Art & Design program.


A visual art portfolio of your work that includes life (preferred), still, or character drawings and 3D computer work (maximum 12 pieces total).