RedBoxx 1
The 3D Animation & Visual Effects program teaches the creative perspective that computer animation is an instrument for telling a compelling story. By combining theatrical and technological training you not only learn to make films, you learn to make your film.

                   At Lighthouse Institute I was amazed to have deep level of dedication of my faculties over my learning. More and more often I was given a rigorous practise so that my skills set got sharpened. Now I feel like I am five years ahead of others.

Rajeev Shrivastawa
3D Animation & Visual Effects Graduate
XYZ Game Company, Bangalore

what you will learn


Frameboxx, pioneers in Media & Entertainment training, set a benchmark in 2008 with the introduction of Redboxx 1 – The only such diploma programme to offer skills specialization. This widely embraced course has created super specialists that have been placed in some of the top studios across the nation. So when we set out to revise our curriculum, the challenge in-front of us was to create something that better than the best. We’re thus rewriting our own rules by introducing the all new Redboxx 1!! 

The new Redboxx 1 course features a completely new teaching paradigm that is in tune with the most relevant and up to date industry conventions and features a completely new set of specialization tracks. You begin your course with a year of Foundation studies which prepares you for the career tracks ahead and sets a firm base for things to come. 

Thereafter, we offer upto 7 unique career specialization tracks covering a wide range of macro skills that enable you to focus your learning on skills that matter. These tracks feature a world class curriculum taught by only the best instructors. If you’re looking at stepping in to the Animation & Visual Effects industry, there is no better option than our brand new Redboxx 1 programme.

Program Requirements:


Successful completion of the Foundation Visual Art & Design program.


A visual art portfolio of your work that includes life (preferred), still, or character drawings and 3D computer work (maximum 12 pieces total).