GreenBoxx 3

Learning animation is learning an art of embedding a life like effects in the dead objects. Keen observation in anatomy of body parts motions, accurate implementation of the correct effects, detailed lighting and feel development are methods one essentially needs to get close to the animation.

                   Non-linear editing was a dream for me and after exhausted levels of search I landed on Lighthouse Institute’s offer of better education in my choice of careers. I am successfully carrying on my job as editor and compositing artist. I have absolutely no simple words to thanks them with. ....sample student.

Rajeev Shrivastawa
3D Animation & Visual Effects Graduate
XYZ Game Company, Bangalore

what you will learn


Greenboxx 3 is a course in non-linear editing, motion graphics and Digital compositing, designed for the professionals as well as beginners. What a video editing is and how maximization of efforts is achieved by using the non linear editing methods, are some simple introductions which go some far in explaining advance concepts. With a thorough understanding of motion, keyframing, composition, color sense etc. students gain knowledge of motion graphics. Then final part comes out to master the digital compositing which it is used for inducing the visual effects in any presentation. Lighthouse is committed to make experts of Visual Effect through training, for the students in this short term course.


Program Requirements:


Successful completion of the Foundation Visual Art & Design program.


A visual art portfolio of your work that includes life (preferred), still, or character drawings and 3D computer work (maximum 12 pieces total).